Amami Oshima's coastline features a host of beautiful, uncrowded beaches for sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling. Many beaches provide little beyond a parking lot and public restrooms, if they have any facilities at all. The best time to go swimming is between May and October, when air and water temperatures are suitable for beach activities. When entering the water, beware of strong currents that can pull you out to sea and poisonous creatures.

Additionally, even more secluded beaches are found along the coast of Kakeromajima Island, a short ferry ride south of Amami Oshima.

  • Tomori Beach•••
    Facilities: small car park, restrooms
  • Ohama Beach
    Facilities: car park, restrooms with showers, event space
  • Yadoribama Beach
    Facilities: car park, restrooms, showers
  • Kurasaki Beach
    Facilities: large car park
  • Sakibaru Beach
    Facilities: small car park

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