Amami Oshima's coastline features a host of beautiful, uncrowded beaches that provide great opportunities for sunbathing and snorkeling. Many beaches provide little beyond a parking lot and public restrooms if indeed they have any facilities at all. The best time to go swimming is between May and October, when air and water temperatures are suitable for beach activities. When entering the water, beware of strong currents that can pull you out to sea and poisonous creatures.

Additionally, even more secluded beaches are found along the coast of Kakeromajima Island, a short ferry ride south of Amami Oshima.

Tomori Beach•••

Facilities: small car park, restrooms
Generally considered the best beach on the island, this idyllic beach is located just a ten minute drive north of the airport. The white sand and calm, clear waters with corals and aquatic life make this beach great for both sunbathing and snorkeling. From Amami City, take a bus bound for Sani and alight at the Tomori bus stop (60 minutes, one bus every 90 minutes).

Ohama Beach

Facilities: car park, restrooms with showers, event space
Located just outside of Amami City, this beach is covered with white sand up to the shore where the terrain becomes rocky. A quite extensive network of coral makes for good snorkeling opportunities with a variety of aquatic life. From Amami City, take a bus to the Ohama-iriguchi bus stop (20 minutes, 320 yen, one bus every 90 minutes) from where the beach is a 20 minute walk.

Yadoribama Beach

Facilities: car park, restrooms, showers
Tucked away near the southern tip of the island without access by public transport, this quiet beach in the shadows of a nice hotel boasts white sand and calm, clear waters with some aquatic life. There is also a campground.

Kurasaki Beach

Facilities: large car park
A tranquil beach in the north of the island with a neighboring dive center and hotel, the white sand and calm waters make Kurasaki ideal for swimming and sunbathing. No bus access.

Sakibaru Beach

Facilities: small car park
This long sand beach in the north of the island is not accessible by bus and has little facilities. A peaceful backdrop for sunbathing.

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