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How to travel between Okayama and Tokyo

By shinkansen

Tokyo and Okayama are two major stations along the JR Tokaido/Sanyo Shinkansen. The one way trip costs around 16,500 yen and takes approximately 3.5 hours by Nozomi train or 4 hours by Hikari train. The trip is fully covered by the Japan Rail Pass, if done by Hikari, but it is not covered if done by Nozomi.

By air

JAL and ANA operate multiple flights per day between Tokyo's Haneda Airport and Okayama Airport. Flight duration is 75 minutes. The regular one way fare is around 36,000 yen, but discount tickets are usually available for between 14,000 and 18,000 yen. With an air pass you can fly for even less. Buses connect Okayama Airport to Okayama Station (30 minutes, 760 yen, frequent departures).

By overnight bus

Several bus companies, including Ryobi, Odakyu and JR Bus operate night buses between Tokyo (Tokyo and Shinjuku Station) and Okayama (Okayama Station). The trip takes 10 hours and costs around 10,000 yen one way. Discount bus operators, such as Willer Express, offer one way fares from around 6500 yen. If used effectively, the Japan Bus Pass can reduce the cost for the bus trip to around 3000 yen.

Above fees and schedules are subject to change. For the current yen exchange rate, click here.


Okayama's garden, castle and museums are all located within a 15 minute walk from each other in an area about 1.5 kilometers east of Okayama Station.

There are two tram lines in Okayama, the Higashiyama Line and the Sekibashi Line, which both depart frequently from in front of Okayama Station. The most useful stop for travelers is Shiroshita (8 minutes, 100 yen) on the Higashiyama Line, from where all of Okayama's attractions can be reached on foot.

Inside central Okayama, there is a flat fare of 100 yen per tram ride, but the fare increases outside of the city center. Take a ticket when boarding through the rear door, and pay the fare when getting off through the front door. Fares can also be paid by the local Hareka smart card or by the Icoca card, however, Suica and most other IC cards cannot be used. In addition, a one day pass is available for 400 yen for unlimited tram rides on one calendar day.

Okayama also has a number of bus companies operating within the city.

Tram and bus lined up

Tours and Experiences

Page last updated: January 30, 2015