Katori Jingu (_{, Katori Jingū) is a popular Shinto shrine outside of Sawara, northeast of Narita. It is the head shrine of several hundred Katori shrines found across Japan. It is dedicated to Futsunushi no Mikoto, the protector of military men, and has been a popular and important shrine since the days of the samurai.

The shrine has a stone lantern lined approach that begins after some shops and restaurants found around the shrine's parking lot. Katori Jingu's oldest standing structures are its black painted main building and vermilion gate, which date from the year 1700.

Getting there and around

Katori Shrine is located about 20 kilometers northeast of Narita Airport, not far from Sawara. It can be reached in a 15 minute bus ride or 10 minute taxi ride from Sawara Station, which in turn is accessed from Narita Station by train along the JR Narita Line (30 minutes, 510 yen, 1-2 trains per hour).

Alternatively, Katori Shrine can be accessed by car in about 25 minutes from Narita Airport if using the expressway (860 yen expressway tolls one way, get off at Sawara-Katori IC) or about 45 minutes by toll free roads.

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