Kofu (b{, Kōfu) is the largest city and capital of Yamanashi Prefecture. The city is located in a large natural basin surrounded by mountains on four sides with Mount Fuji in the south. The region receives substantial amounts of sunshine, and this has contributed to its accolade as the birthplace and center of Japanese wine production. Today the area contains various wineries open to the public, many of which offer tours and wine tasting. Kofu and the surrounding areas are also known for fruits, with grapes being an especially famous local product.

Wine and fruits aside, Kofu has a rich history as the old capital of the Kai domain and home of Takeda Shingen, the domain's ruler and one of the foremost challengers for reuniting the country towards the end of the period of warring states. A master tactician in warfare, Takeda ultimately died before a battle with Oda Nobunaga that may have changed the course of Japanese history. Today many sites exist in the area relating to the Takeda clan.

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