Farms and Agriculture

Japan's most important agricultural product, rice, is grown in all regions of the country. In addition, high-quality Japanese fruits and meats have been gaining international fame. There are many agriculture-related tourism sites and activities available to tourists, including some farms and various hands-on activities, such as fruit picking. Below are some of the farms and agriculture related attractions found around the country:

Furano Cheese Factory

Visitors to the Furano Cheese Factory can observe the production of the local camembert cheese. There are hands-on workshops for making butter, ice cream, bread and cheese at the factory, while cheese samples are also available for tasting in the factory shop.

Koiwai Farm

Koiwai Farm is a large farm at the foot of Mount Iwate, a 30 minute bus ride outside of Morioka. It is well known for its dairy products. One part of the farm is open to the public and contains shops, restaurants and workshops. Visitors can also view the farm's historic buildings some of which are over 100 years old.

Daio Wasabi Farm

The Daio Wasabi Farm near Matsumoto is one of Japan's largest wasabi farms and a popular tourist destination. There are walking trails between the wasabi fields which feature a meticulously maintained network of small streams. The farm also features multiple shops and a restaurant, offering a wide variety of wasabi related products.

Shodoshima Olive Park

Shodoshima is the birth place of olive cultivation in Japan. The island has been a top producer of Japanese olives and olive oil since 1908. The Olive Park is a working olive grove that offers attractive walking paths through the hillside. There is a small museum where visitors can learn about the history of olive cultivation on the island, as well as a restaurant, cafe and shops.

Nago Pineapple Park

The Nago Pineapple Park in Okinawa is a small and enjoyable theme park about pineapples, which have been cultivated on the island for around a century. Visitors to the park can ride on an automatic vehicle through pineapple fields, visit a tropical garden and sample pineapple products in the souvenir shop.