Aoni Onsen (‰׉) is a secluded hot spring in Aomori Prefecture, located deep in a forested valley between Hirosaki and Lake Towada. The remote onsen consists of a single accommodation facility known for its lack of running electricity and cell phone reception.

Lamp no Yado, the lodging at Aoni Onsen, consists of multiple buildings set beside the Aoni River and surrounded by forest. Hundreds of oil lamps, which are lit nightly, are the lodging's symbol and used for illumination on the premises. There are four different baths available at Lamp no Yado, which are also open to non-staying visitors during the daytime, each offering a different atmosphere. Three of them are gender-segregated.

The rooms at Lamp no Yado are simple and basic, and visitors are required to lay out their own futon and sheets as well as remove them before check out. As there is no running electricity, there are no amenities like televisions nor power outlets in the rooms at all. Oil heaters provide additional heat in the colder months. Toilets are shared and similarly lit by oil lamps. Meals are provided in a communal dining room, and some dishes like soup and rice are self serve.

A stay at the secluded Lamp no Yado Aoni Onsen is a draw for those who want to experience a rustic hot spring stay in combination with being switched off from the rest of the world. Prices for overnight stays including dinner and breakfast start from 11,000 yen.

Getting there and around

Take the Konan Railway from Hirosaki Station to its terminal station, Kuroishi Station (35 minutes, 470 yen one way, one train/hour). From Kuroishi Station, take a bus bound for Nurukawa () and get off at Nijinoko Koen (̌Ό, 40 minutes, 770 yen, buses every 1-5 hours). From there, complimentary shuttle buses run to the Lamp no Yado in Aoni Onsen in about 20 minutes. Shuttle bus departures can be infrequent, so check them in advance.

It is also possible to drive to Aoni Onsen by car in about one hour from central Hirosaki.

How to get to and around Hirosaki

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