The Choshikei Monkey Park (銚子渓お猿の国, Chōshikei Osarunokuni) lies near a ravine along the Shodoshima Skyline road in the mountains at the center of Shodoshima Island. Two troupes of roughly 500 Japanese macaques live on the mountain and roam freely around the decaying structures of the spacious park. In addition, there are also a few peacocks found in enclosures.

Visitors can wander around the park and observe the monkeys or feed them from a special caged feeding room (while ironically becoming the animal on display). There is also a monkey show, featuring a trained monkey twice a day. A 15 minute walk beyond the monkey park gets visitors to an observation deck with good views over the island and the Seto Inland Sea.

Getting there and around

There exists no bus service to the monkey park. By rental car or taxi the park can be accessed in about 20 minutes from Tonosho Port (about 3500 yen one way by taxi).

How to get to and around Shodoshima

Hours and Fees