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Benesse House - Museum

The Benesse House is a modern art museum and resort hotel on the southern coast of Naoshima Island. The complex is the centerpiece of the Benesse Corporation's art facilities on the island and consists of four buildings: the Museum, Oval, Park and Beach, all designed by star architect Ando Tadao. Each building features its own unique artwork and guest rooms.

The main attraction of the Benesse House is its modern art museum, located on a hill overlooking the sea. This museum displays work created by many different artists from both Japan and abroad, that was inspired by the natural surroundings of Naoshima and the architecture on the island. Overnight guests staying at the Museum and Oval buildings can enjoy 24 hour access to the museum.

Naoshima's iconic pumpkin

In addition to the art displayed in the museum and in the guest rooms, there are nearly twenty art pieces located on the lawns and beaches around the Benesse House, including the famous pumpkin. Many of these can be found along the shore and cliffs below the museum, and have been specifically designed to integrate into the natural surroundings in which they are placed.

The Benesse House has other facilities including restaurants, cafes, shops and a spa that are open to staying guests as well as day visitors. Hotel guests have the added privileges of exclusive restaurants and after-hours access to the museum. The Benesse House is the top level accommodation on the island, and room rates start from around 25,000 yen per night.

The Oval, one of the guest room buildings of the Benesse House


There are one or two buses per hour from Miyanoura Ferry Terminal via Honmura to the Tsutsujiso bus stop at the east gate of the Benesse House (15 minutes, 100 yen), where you can walk (10-15 minutes) or take a free shuttle bus to the Benesse House (5 minutes). Alternatively, the museum is about a three kilometer bicycle ride (15-25 minute) or walk (45-60 minutes) from the ferry terminal.

From the Benesse House it is just a few minutes on the free shuttle bus to either the Lee Ufan Museum or the Chichu Art Museum. It is also possible to walk between the museums (10 and 15 minutes respectively).

How to get to and around Naoshima

Hours & Fees


8:00 to 21:00 (entry until 20:00)


Infrequent, irregular closures for maintenance


1030 yen
Page last updated: March 19, 2016