Getting to Shiretoko

Shiretoko National Park is located in the far east of Hokkaido. A visit can be combined with nearby Akan National Park. A rental car is the recommended means of getting around since public transportation is rather infrequent.

By air

The closest airport to Shiretoko National Park is Memanbetsu Airport with direct flights from/to Tokyo and Sapporo, operated by JAL, ANA and Air Do, as well as seasonal connections to Osaka and Nagoya. The airport is about 100 kilometers west of the national park.

There are a small number of direct buses between the airport and Utoro during summer (early June to early October) and winter (mid January to late March). The one way ride takes about two hours and costs 3500 yen.

Airfares from Tokyo to Memanbetsu over the next 30 days July 22, 2024 - August 20, 2024
AirlineLowest fareAverage lowest fare
JAL17,176 yen36,200 yen
Air Do23,470 yen31,727 yen
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By train

The closest railway station to the national park is JR Shiretoko Shari Station in the center of Shari Town, about 40 kilometers southwest of the national park. Shiretoko Shari Station can be reached in 40 minutes from Abashiri (970 yen one way) or in about 2.5 hours from Kushiro (3190 yen one way) by infrequently operating trains. The approach from Sapporo via Abashiri takes about 6-7 hours and costs around 10,500 yen.

Shiretoko Shari Station is connected with Utoro by infrequent buses (60 minutes, 1650 yen one way), some of which continue from Utoro via the Shiretoko Nature Center to the Shiretoko Five Lakes) from late April through October.

Above fees and schedules are subject to change. Be sure to check current yen exchange rates.

Getting around

Most of the easily accessible attractions of Shiretoko National Park are found along the western coast of the peninsula, making Utoro a good base for exploring the national park. Because getting around by public transportation is rather inconvenient, a rental car is the recommended means of transportation.

Bus service is rather infrequent, especially in winter. Year around, there are buses between Shiretoko Shari Station and Utoro. In summer, infrequent buses connect Utoro with the Shiretoko Five Lakes and with Rausu via Shiretoko Pass. During the peak of the summer, the unpaved access road to the Kamuiwakkayu Falls gets closed to private traffic, and shuttle buses operate instead.

The Shiretoko Peninsula receives a lot of snow during winter, and many of the national park's roads get closed from around late November to around late April, including the road over Shiretoko Pass and to the Shiretoko Five Lakes and the Kamuiwakkayu Falls.