Shiretoko Pass (m, Shiretoko Tōge, 740 meters above sea level) connects Utoro on the western coast with Rausu on the eastern coast of the Shiretoko Peninsula. Spectacular views of nearby Mount Rausu (1661 meters), Shiretoko's highest mountain, can be enjoyed from the mountain pass road.


By car

The roughly 30 kilometer long mountain pass road connects Utoro with Rausu. The road gets closed during the winter from late November to late April.

By bus

Utoro and Rausu are connected with each other by infrequent buses via Shiretoko Pass from mid June to mid October. The one way ride takes 50 minutes and costs 1380 yen.

How to get to and around Shiretoko National Park

Page last updated: January 20, 2017