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Rausu Fishing Port

Rausu is the largest town on the eastern coast of the Shiretoko Peninsula, offering some accommodation and limited dining and shopping opportunities. Information and some exhibits about the area is provided by the Visitor Center.

From Rausu, road number 87 leads northernwards all along the coast to within about 20 kilometers of the peninsula's tip. From the coast you can see nearby Kunashiri Island, which has been occupied by the Russians since WW2. The territorial dispute has not been resolved yet.

Two free hot spring baths are located close to the end of road number 87: Seseki and Aidomari Onsen. Seseki Onsen consists of two stone pools on the beach, while Aidomari Onsen is also located on the beach, but is covered under a blue tent.

Seseki Onsen
Aidomari Onsen


By car

Rausu can be reached from Utoro via Shiretoko Pass (closed in winter). Alternatively, you can approach Rausu from the south. The distance from Kushiro to Rausu is about 160 kilometers.

By bus

Shari Bus and Akan Bus operate two buses per day between Utoro and Rausu via Shiretoko Pass from mid June to mid October. From Kushiro, Akan Bus operates 3-5 buses per day to Rausu around the year. The one way journey from Kushiro to Rausu takes about 3.5 hours.

How to get to and around Shiretoko National Park

Tours and Experiences

Page last updated: January 20, 2017