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2016/11/30 - Kanazawa Report

After a sudden fall in temperatures across the country over the last several days, the autumn color season has been in overdrive this week. As Raina and Sam reported yesterday from Tokyo and Kyoto (respectively), the leaves in many of the cities' most popular leaf-watching spots...

2016/04/06 - Kanazawa Report

The 2016 cherry blossom reporting has been going on for 18 days now, since March 20. In this span of time, we have seen the cherry blossom season start and reach full bloom from the southern cities of...

Trial Run to Kanazawa

In another month, on March 14, 2015, the Hokuriku Shinkansen will be extended from Nagano to Kanazawa, drastically reducing travel times between Tokyo and the...

2014/12/04 - Kanazawa Report

After the sunny weather in Kyoto yesterday, I headed to Kanazawa where there was a steady rain all day today. With most of the popular autumn color...

2014/04/12 - Kanazawa Report

Today, I headed to Kanazawa, northwest of Tokyo, and the capital of Ishikawa prefecture. Being on the northern side and close to the Sea...

2013/11/28 - Kanazawa Report

Today, in another slight departure from our regularly scheduled autumn program, I hopped on the Thunderbird limited express train for a 2.5 hour train ride to Kanazawa, where...

2013/04/10 - Kanazawa Report

Today I made a trip to Kanazawa, a thriving city in the prefecture of Ishikawa along the Sea of Japan coast. During the Edo Period ...

2012/04/15 - Kanazawa Report

Today I leave the Kansai Region and make my way to Kanazawa in the Ishikawa Prefecture. Kanazawa is a city that I like a lot because I personally feel it has a very cultured atmosphere. It is home to Kenrokuen Garden, one of the top...

2011/11/23 - Kanazawa Report

After nearly a week of reporting in the Kansai Region, I am returning home today to take a short break from the autumn colors. Along the way, I made a quick stop in Kanazawa for our first ever koyo report from...

2011/04/14 - Kanazawa Report

Today I visited the most famous cherry blossom spots of Kanazawa and found the city's flowers to be at full bloom. From now and into the weekend will be the best time to see the flowers in the city this year. Today was the only cherry blossom report from Kanazawa this season.