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Kanazawa: Peak Colors

Beautiful weather at Kenrokuen Garden today

As we are nearing the end of November, many of the cities are reaching their peak autumn colors. Today, I visited Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa to see how the autumn colors were faring in one of Japan's top three most beautiful landscape gardens.

I am pleased to report that the colors here are at their peak with slightly more room to develop more intensity. The weather for the next few days is forecast to be both sunny and rainy, but the rain should not impact the longevity of the autumn colors negatively. I expect the peak viewing period to continue through into mid next week, but am doubtful that it will last long into December.

Until December 1, Kenrokuen Garden and the neighbouring Kanazawa Castle are illuminated from 17:30 to 21:00 (entry until 20:45). Regular daytime entry to Kenrokuen Garden costs 310 yen, but admission is free during the light up time.

Kenrokuen Garden's iconic Kotojitoro Lantern flanked by a maple tree
Visitors admiring the two-legged lantern
Maple leaves and sunlight go well together
These bald trees are cherry trees. Come back in the spring to see some beautiful cherry blossoms here
Not all at their peak yet
The area near Yamazaki-yama had the best colors and the largest concentration of maple trees
Two colors one tree
Little resthouse at the top of Yamazaki-yama
Look at all these color and the carpet of leaves below
I think it's autumn
Visitors enjoying great weather and color
The line to get into the garden stretched all the way to the bridge
Yukizuri, winter support in the form of tying ropes for the branches of trees against heavy snow, and autumn colors