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Autumn Color Report 2014
Official autumn color reports by japan-guide.com

Where to see autumn leaves? - When do trees turn colors? - What trees turn colors?
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Tokyo Report

After 80 days and 40 reports from all over Japan, our 2014 fall color reporting season comes to an end today as the last of the autumn leaves... read all

Kanazawa Report

After the sunny weather in Kyoto yesterday, I headed to Kanazawa where there was a steady rain all day today. With most of the popular autumn color... read all

Kyoto Report

After about two months of reporting almost all over the country, we are reaching the tail end of the autumn season. The leaves and temperatures are starting to fall... read all

Kamakura Report

Three months since the start of the autumn season the colors have finally made their way down to Kamakura which is typically one of the last places in Japan to see the changing colors. While the season... read all

Kyoto Report

For my last autumn color report this week from the Kansai Region, I was back in Kyoto today and yesterday exploring some of the old capital's... read all

Tokyo Report

Today we took a break from Joe's coverage of the Kansai Region and headed down to Tokyo to check on the progress of the autumn... read all

Nara Report

The Kansai Region this week is still riding the peak of its autumn leaves season, and to continue our colors coverage, I headed to the ancient capital of Nara... read all

Kyoto Report

As this year's autumn color season is coming into its final stretch around the country, some of the best places to enjoy the changing leaves... read all

Osaka Report

After visiting Kyoto, Hiroshima and Nagoya this week, it was about time to show some love to... read all

Kyoto Report

Back in the Kansai Region, I headed to Kyoto today. This time, I visited the sites that Scott and... read all

Korankei Report

Today I leave the Kansai Region and detour to Korankei, a valley near Nagoya in Aichi Prefecture,... read all

Miyajima Report

My destination for today was Miyajima, one of Japan's three most scenic places. The other two top scenic places are Matsushima near Sendai and... read all

Tokyo Report

Continuing our coverage of this year's autumn color season in Tokyo, I headed back to the city today check on a few of the city's... read all

Kyoto Report

Today I headed to Kyoto to check out a few of the city's popular autumn color spots. As Scott reported last week, the colors in Kyoto are a little earlier than... read all

Kyoto Report

I headed back to Kyoto today to check back on the fall colors around some of the city's most popular autumn color spots. As mentioned on previous... read all

Himeji Report

After five long years, the renovation of Himeji Castle will finally be completed in spring 2015. In the meantime, the large scaffolding structure has been removed, and the main keep has become visible again -... read all

Fuji Report

Today, I head back to the Fuji Five Lakes (Fujigoko) region for the last time this season. I revisted most of the places in the last trip nine days ago; while the cherry... read all

Tokyo Report

This year's autumn colors have finally begun to make their slow debut in Tokyo over the last week or two, so today I headed back to the capital... read all

Eiheiji Report

This morning I jumped on the Thunderbird limited express for the 90 minute ride from Kyoto to meet up with Schauwecker in Fukui. The goal was... read all

Kyoto Report

Today I headed out to Kyoto to follow up on Schauwecker's visit last Friday and check out a few of the more popular autumn... read all

Tokyo Report

Temperatures are starting to drop all over Japan this week, and this year's autumn color front is finally moving down from the mountains into the cities... read all

Kyoto Report

The autumn colors this year have been roughly one week ahead of their average schedule in most places that we have reported from so far. This was mainly due to a relatively cool August and September... read all

Yamadera Report

After one and a half months of reporting the seasonal colors in the mountains of northern and central Japan, we will soon shift our focus onto the parks and gardens of Tokyo and Kyoto.... read all

Fuji Report

Today, Scott and I headed down to the Fuji Five Lakes (Fujigoko) region at the northern base of Mount Fuji, ten days... read all

Hakone Report

After making its way down from the northern regions of Hokkaido and Tohoku for the last month and a half, Japan's autumn colors are starting to creep into the south... read all

Karuizawa Report

After Joe's report from Shima Onsen in Gunma Prefecture, I headed to Karuizawa an upmarket mountain resort in... read all

Shima Onsen Report

While Japan is blessed with an abundance of gorgeous, well-known and easily accessible spots to enjoy views of autumn leaves changing color, the less-known, off-the-beaten track spots are... read all

Fuji Report

Mount Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan, but due to its relatively southern location and bald top, it is not the first place in the country or even on... read all

Bandai Report

After a day out in Lake Towada yesterday, I headed to Urabandai in Fukushima Prefecture for another day of autumn colors. Due to the large change in... read all

Nikko Report

With autumn colors coming to a finish on higher mountains like Tateyama and Nasu, some of the best places to find fall color at this mid-point in the... read all

Towada Report

Today I visited Lake Towada and the Oirase stream in the Tohoku Region. Located way up in the northern most part of the region, Lake Towada... read all

Tateyama Report

To follow up on our last report on the autumn color there, today I traveled to the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route that spans both... read all

Kurikoma Report

One month into this year's autumn color reporting, I made a first-time visit to Mount Kurikomayama, a volcano on the prefectural borders of Iwate, Miyagi and... read all

Nasu Report

I was happy to find myself on assignment today climbing in Nasu in northern Tochigi Prefecture. Considered one of Japan's 100 most famous mountains, Nasu is home to... read all

Nikko Report

On our last report from Nikko about a week and a half ago, the fall colors in the highest mountainous areas of... read all

Oze Report

Oze National Park is about 150 kilometers north of Tokyo, spanning Gunma, Fukushima,... read all

Tateyama Report

Today, Scott and I made a trip to the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route to see some autumn foliage and do a bit of... read all

Nikko Report

While Hokkaido's autumn color has begun two weeks earlier than usual this year, Nikko National Park, just a few hours north of Tokyo (which is still a couple months from seeing its first... read all

Tokachidake Report

The weather remained unstable and wet on my last day in Hokkaido. I visited Tokachidake Onsen, a small collection of hot spring lodgings halfway up the slopes of Mount Tokachidake. Located about 30 kilometers... read all

Kurodake Report

The weather continued to be unstable in Hokkaido today. I had already given up on my initial plans to traverse the Daisetsuzan Mountains from Asahidake Onsen to Sounkyo Onsen... read all

Asahidake Report

Since 2008, japan-guide.com has been following the autumn colors from the highest mountains of Hokkaido to the parks and gardens... read all