Autumn Color Blog 2008
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This is the official japan-guide.com autumn color blog for 2008 about our reporting trips to various autumn leaf spots across Japan. Check our page on Autumn Leaves for general information.

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2008/10/28 - Shirakami Sanchi (2)

by schauwecker

After exploring Shirakami Sanchi's western side yesterday, we spent the night in nearby Noshiro City and traveled along Shirakami Sanchi's eastern side today.

As the road and valley became narrower and the autumn colors more spectacular, we approached Daira-kyo (Daira Gorge), where a small network of walking trails connects the road with the spectacular bottom of the valley and a nearby waterfall.

Our second stop was Tanashiro Shitsugen, a small marshland near the trailhead to Mount Komagatake. Autumn colors along the road to the trailhead were spectacular, but disappeared by the time we reached Tanashiro Marshland at an altitude of over 700 meters above sea level.

Before leaving Shirakami Sanchi for Towadako (Lake Towada), we made the popular walk to the Anmon Waterfalls, probably Shirakami Sanchi's most visited attraction. The three, tall waterfalls can be reached in an easy 60 minute walk from the parking lot. Autumn colors along the trail were at their best.

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