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Autumn Color Report 2013
Official autumn color reports by japan-guide.com

Where to see autumn leaves? - When do trees turn colors? - What trees turn colors?
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Tokyo Report

It's been two and a half months and 33 reports since this year's first autumn color report, and in that time we have trekked all over Japan following the changing foliage as it moved down from the... read all

Kyoto Report

Today I headed back out to Kyoto for this year's final autumn color (koyo) report from the Kansai Region. The season typically comes to a close around most of... read all

Kamakura Report

Today I visited Kamakura, the city that was the political center of Japan during the Kamakura Period (1192-1333). Kamakura is no longer of political... read all

Tokyo Report

Today I headed down to Tokyo to make my final autumn color (koyo) report from the city for this year. It's not the last Tokyo report of the season though, as that one is traditionally done by... read all

Kyoto Report

Today I completed another whirlwind tour of Kyoto for my final report of this trip to the Kansai Region. This time the majority of the sights that I visited were in the northern... read all

Kanazawa Report

Today, in another slight departure from our regularly scheduled autumn program, I hopped on the Thunderbird limited express train for a 2.5 hour train ride to Kanazawa, where... read all

Osaka Report

For today's report I paid a visit to Minoo Park (also Romanized as Mino or Minoh) about 30 minutes north of Osaka Station. The park is one of Osaka's better autumn color... read all

Kyoto Report

Four days after Sean's last report from the Kansai Region, it was finally time for me to take a turn and head down to... read all

Tokyo Report

The skies had cleared after heavy downpours drenched Tokyo yesterday. With the buzz that always seems to accompany the nation's capital, autumn colors in their juvenile stages spread out in the bright sunshine... read all

Kyoto Report

Four days after my last visit, today I returned to Kyoto to see some of its other famous autumn color spots. The skies were clear and there was a joyous atmosphere at the city. I arrived at Arashiyama slightly... read all

Miyajima Report

Miyajima Island is reputed to be one of Japan's top three scenic view spots; the other two being Matsushima in Miyagi Prefecture and Amanohashidate in Kyoto Prefecture. Miyajima... read all

Tokyo Report

It's been just over a week since Schauwecker made our first autumn color report from Tokyo, and as expected, he mostly... read all

Korankei Report

I spent a day with Schauwecker at Korankei, a popular autumn leaf spot in Aichi Prefecture. This is an area which offers nice forested paths along a river and traversing a small mountain called... read all

Kyoto Report

The main autumn color season has gradually shifted to Kyoto, where visitors have arrived in numbers. Today I checked out some of the city's popular autumn leaf spots, and was pleased to... read all

Fujigoko Report

Today I headed back down to the Fuji Five Lakes (Fujigoko) region to check up on the autumn colors (koyo) around the base of Mount Fuji. In my... read all

Kyoto Report

In Kyoto, too, nighttime temperatures have recently started to drop below the mark that induces the maple trees to produce autumn colors. While the season is still at an early stage in central Kyoto, some spots in... read all

Tokyo Report

Nearly two months after our first autumn color report of the season, it is time to start checking the trees of Tokyo and Kyoto, the two... read all

Sakurayama Report

Sakurayama Park in Fujioka City of Gunma Prefecture is relatively unknown but a little gem of a place to see autumn colors together with winter flowering cherry blossoms. The park has thousands of these cherry... read all

Karuizawa Report

Today I visited Karuizawa in Nagano Prefecture to check out some of its autumn leaf spots. Karuizawa is an upmarket mountain resort popular... read all

Fujigoko Report

Today I headed down to the Fuji Five Lakes (Fujigoko) region at the base of Mount Fuji to check on the autumn color (koyo) season around the mountain. It's been about... read all

Towada Report

Today I visited Lake Towada and the Oirase Stream for our final autumn color (koyo) report of the year from the Tohoku Region.... read all

Nikko Report

The start to this week has seen clearer skies after last week's continuous rainy weather. As Scott remains in the Tohoku Region for more reporting, I visited Nikko again to follow up on my report almost two... read all

Yamadera Report

It has been a long time coming, but today I finally made it out to Yamadera Temple in Yamagata Prefecture to check out the fall colors (koyo). The scenic... read all

Urabandai Report

Today I headed out to Fukushima Prefecture to check out the autumn colors (koyo) in Urabandai, the highland slopes to the north of... read all

Gunma Report

For today's autumn color (koyo) report I headed north to check out some of the mountains in northern Gunma Prefecture. First stop of the day was to... read all

Nasu Report

Today I spent a fabulous day at Nasu. The town lies on the northern edge of Tochigi Prefecture, and it has lots to offer year round. Here, there are nice hiking trails, ski runs, hot... read all

Nikko Report

Slightly more than a week after Schauwecker last reported from Nikko, I made a trip there today to check out its autumn colors. Each fall, the japan-guide.com team... read all

Fujisan Report

It was my first time to Mount Fuji since it received its Unesco World Heritage status. I visited a few popular autumn color spots in the Fuji Five Lakes area and went up to the... read all

Hakkodasan Report

For this year's first autumn color (koyo) report from the Tohoku Region, we visited Mount Hakkodasan in Aomori Prefecture... read all

Oze Report

Today I visited the Oze National Park, a popular autumn color spot not too far away from Tokyo. The huge park traverses the prefectures of Gunma... read all

Nikko Report

The mountainous Okunikko region above the town center of Nikko is one of the first places near Tokyo to see autumn colors. On our first of multiple report trips to Nikko this year, I... read all

Tateyama Report

Today I made a trip to the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, which traverses the prefectures of Toyama and Nagano, through the Northern Japan Alps. The Alpine Route has spectacular... read all

Kurodake Report

On my second and last reporting day in Daisetsuzan National Park I visited Sounkyo Onsen to climb Mount Kurodake. Kurodake is almost 2000 meters high, but... read all

Asahidake Report

Daisetsuzan National Park in the center of Japan's northernmost main island of Hokkaido is the first place in the country to see autumn colors each year... read all