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Towada: Peak Colors

Due to above-average temperatures over the past few months, the autumn colors have developed at a very slow pace on Japan's main island Honshu this year so far. In the usual year, the trees around Lake Towada and Oirase Stream would now well be at their peak; however, the colors had still some potential for further improvement when I visited the area today. I expect the viewing season here to continue into early November.

Oirase Stream

Approaching Peak

The walking trail that follows Oirase Stream is one of Japan's most pretty, especially in autumn when the picturesque stream is surrounded by seasonal colors. Oirase Stream is the only river that flows out of Lake Towada, and the walking trail closely follows it for over ten kilometers. Today, the colors were nice, but I expect them to further intensify over the coming days.

The autumn colors along Oirase Stream are mainly yellow. Red hues are rare.
One of the many waterfalls along the side of the gorge
Tourists' fashion contributed to the colors today
Autumnal beauty
Choshi Otaki Waterfall
Close-up of Choshi Otaki Waterfall
Some rare orange and red hues

Lake Towada

Peak Color

After completing the walking trail along Oirase Stream and arriving at its end point, Nenokuchi, I boarded a sightseeing boat across Lake Towada for Yasumiya, the only town around the lake. The colors surrounding the caldera lake were already spectacular, but I expect them to further improve and stay at their peak into the early days of November.

Taking a sightseeing cruise on Lake Towada
Capturing the colors
Three layers of autumn colors
Cliff and colors
Peninsula and colors
Colors at their peak
Approaching the Yasumiya boat pier
The Statue of Maidens at the shores of Lake Towada