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Autumn Color Report 2012
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2012/10/16 - Norikura Report
by sean

Trail leading to Sanbondaki Waterfalls

Norikura of the Northern Japan Alps encompasses the highlands of Norikura Kogen and Mount Norikuradake. It is a popular autumn color spot and fall colors appear fairly early here due to its high elevations.

Today I took a bus up to the Tatamidaira bus terminal, located at 2702 meters above sea level on the slopes of Mount Norikuradake. Several hiking trails start here to the various peaks of the mountain. I scaled to the top of the tallest peak, Kengamine, at 3026 meters, and then descended the mountain on foot to check out its autumn colors.

The bus makes several stops as it climbs Mount Norikuradake. Colors are currently at their best between the bus stop of Sanbodaki Waterfalls (about 1800 meters above sea level) and the Reisengoya-mae bus stop which is four stops below the terminal station. Kuraigahara bus stop, at 2350 meters, is one above Reisengoya-mae, and is approximately where the barren trees have advanced down the mountain at the moment.

Mountain range east of Mount Norikuradake
Strong dad hikes towards Kengamine Peak
Mountain scenery
Gravel hiking trail
Looking down at the slopes of Mount Norikuradakek
Dainichidake Peak is beside Kengamine Peak
At the summit
Top of the world
Barren trees along the upper sections of Mount Norikuradake
Azaleas provided color at the upper sections
A mixture of evergreens and barren trees
View at the upper sections
Around Kuraigahara, the line stood between barren trees and autumn foliage
Kuraigahara mountain hut
Winding road
Highland Shuttle buses
Near Reisengoya-mae
Cyclist and visitor taking pictures
Nice colors from birch trees and nanakamado as I proceeded further down
Stream and autumn foliage
Bridge leading to Sanbondaki Waterfalls
Sanbondaki Waterfalls
Nice red
Ushidome Pond at lower elevations

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