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Nikko: Peak Colors

Crazy colors near Kegon Falls

It has been ten days since our last report from Nikko and today, I visited the spots we went to the last time to see how the autumn color season has progressed since then. I am pleased to report that while the trees in the Oku Nikko region have started shedding their leaves, there is still plenty of color left to see and also the autumn color spectacular has also moved down towards the city. I expect the colors in the Oku Nikko region to be at their best through this weekend and into the following week, and the leaves in Nikko city to continue to improve and predict that the following weekend will be the best time to see some colors in the city.

So far we have been reporting peak colors in areas at higher elevation like at Osorezan where Schauwecker was yesterday. Over in western Japan, the autumn colors have just started in Koyasan where Sam was a couple of days ago but not in Kyoto where Andrew was four days ago.

Yumoto Onsen

Beyond Peak

The trees at Yumoto Onsen have started shedding their leaves but there is still enough color in the area for it not to be a wasted trip. I found the colors to be best around the bottom of Yudaki Waterfall.

Yumoto Onsen town bathed in autumn colors
Still lake
Walking trail around the lake
Lake house
Fallen leaves
Top of Yudaki Waterfall
Color situation near the bottom of the falls
Lots of children out on excursion today
Bottom of Yudaki Waterfall, where all the colors are
Crying colors here

Senjogahara Marshland

Peak Color

Over in Senjogahara Marshland, I found the marsh grass still golden though fading ever so slightly, while the larch trees had lots of yellow needles which made for a very picturesque walk.

Riverside dreams
Larch trees by the boardwalk
Mount Nantai and the marshland
Yellow needles

Ryuzu Waterfall

Beyond Peak

Further down at Ryuzu Waterfall, I found the top of the falls to be beyond its peak but the bottom still looking good and colorful. I do not expect the top of the waterfall to remain attractive much longer and visitors who want to see autumn colors should just head to the bottom.

Top of Ryuzu Waterfall has seen peak-er days
Walking down to the bottom
Colors midway down aren't too bad
Bottom of the falls

Lake Chuzenji

Peak Color

My favourite part of the Oku Nikko region is the area around Lake Chuzenji and today, I wasn't disappointed at all. I found the colors here to be at their best and expect the good times to continue through this weekend and into next week.

I assure you these are regular sized adults
Lake shore where you can go kayaking
Driving along Lake Chuzenji
Walking through what I thought was a thin mist up Hangetsuyama
Completely covered by fog
Parts that weren't covered by fog were actually really amazingly colored
Driving down the mountain
Just some autumn colors on mountain slopes
Sitting pretty
Walking pretty
British Embassy Villa
Mount Nantai looking over Lake Chuzenji
Even the carpark's pretty
Colors by Kegon Waterfall
View around the falls

Irohazaka Winding Road

Approaching Peak

The Irohazaka Winding Road connects Oku Nikko with the town of Nikko and today, I found the upper section to be at their best while the lower section still had a bit more to go before the colors there reach their best.

Red and yellow down the winding road
I don't think all the leaves will change their color
I don't know how to feel about this
Every turn a surprise

Shoyoen Garden

Approaching Peak

My final stop of the day was Shoyoten Garden, the garden of Rinnoji Temple in central Nikko. I found the colors here to be approaching their peak and predict the end of the following week to be the best time to visit the garden.

Shoyoen Garden with Rinnoji Temple behind
Not long now for these colors to intensify
Photo taking photo
Many colors one tree