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Miyajima: Peak Colors

Autumn colors in the Momijidani

Today we're back in the Kansai Region with Schauwecker in Nara where he reported that the autumn colors are at their peak, while I head further west to Miyajima not far from Hiroshima in the Chugoku Region. I am pleased to report that the autumn colors at Miyajima are also at their peak, though bordering on the edge of almost past their peak, when I was there today. I expect this coming weekend to be one of the last few chances to see some vibrant colors at Miyajima before the leaves start to fall in larger numbers.

The main places to see autumn colors on Miyajima are around Daisho-in Temple and in the Momijidani (Maple Valley) not far from the lower ropeway station. Overall, the colors were quite vibrant but there were also a fair number of fallen maple leaves on the ground as well. I would advise those who are planning to visit Miyajima to see some autumn colors to go sooner than later.

First view of Miyajima and its massive torii in the sea
Visitors walking on the beach in front of Itsukushima Shrine
Iconic torii gate at low tide
Looking down Itsukushima Shrine and spying some colors
This was so vibrant and promising
Top of the steps at Daisho-in Temple
Maple tree at its peak
The colors at Daisho-in Temple were looking great today
Fallen leaves are pretty too
Daisho-in from above
A bit of green, but mostly red and orange
Heading into the Maple Valley
Not a bad day for a stroll at all
Deeper into the valley
This part drew lots of visitors
Tale of two maple trees
Looking at Daisho-in from Senjokaku Hall
Pagoda and some colors
Bridge at the entrance leading to Momijidani