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Autumn Color Blog 2008
by japan-guide.com

This is the official japan-guide.com autumn color blog for 2008 about our reporting trips to various autumn leaf spots across Japan. Check our page on Autumn Leaves for general information.


Kamakura Report

On a ten kilometer walk through Kamakura, we visited most of the city's best known autumn leaf spots. read all

Tokyo Report

Reporting about the autumn colors from several gardens and parks of Tokyo. read all


This year's western most autum leaf report brought me to Miyajima, the scenic island off Hiroshima. read all

Kyoto Report (1/4)

On our first autum color reporting day in Kyoto, we visited three areas in the north of central Kyoto: Ohara, Hieizan and Takao. read all

Mino Park

Autumn colors have finally descended into lower elevations and southern latitudes of Japan. Today, I visited Mino Park, one of Osaka's most popular koyo spots. read all

Fuji Five Lakes

Great autumn colors but no weather luck on this report trip to Fujigoko (Fuji Five Lakes). read all

Nikko (2)

Nikko is a popular sightseeing destination year round, but it is especially busy during the autumn leaf season. read all

Lake Towada

A visit to Lake Towada and Oirase Stream in Towada-Hachimantai National Park. read all

Shirakami Sanchi

Autumn visit to one of Japan's least known world heritage sites, Shirakami Sanchi in the northern Tohoku region. read all

Nishizawa Valley

An autumn colors hike through Nishizawa Valley in Yamanashi Prefecture. This trail runs along a stream filled with ponds and waterfalls. read all


Observing autumn colors along the hiking trails of Oku-Nikko. read all


On my first autumn leaf trip to a destination in the Kanto Region this, I visited Akagiyama in Gunma Prefecture. read all

Shiretoko Peninsula

Viewing autumn colors on the Shiretoko Peninsula, a World Natural Heritage Site and one of Japan's wildest and most beautiful national parks. read all

Lake Mashu and Kussharo

In search of better shades and brighter hues, we headed northeast to Akan National Park's two other famous lakes, Mashuko and Kussharoko. read all

Lake Akan

The first day of our 2008 Autumn Color Report Trip for Eastern Hokkaido takes us from Kushiro Airport to Akan National Park read all

Tateyama Alpen Route

The peaks of the Tateyama mountain range are among the tallest in the Japan Alps, and their slopes among the first places on Honshu to see autumn colors. read all

Sounkyo Onsen

Today I went to check out autumn colors in Sounkyo Onsen and Mount Kurodake above it. read all

Daisetsu Kogen Onsen

Kogen Onsen's most popular attraction is a circular hiking course through the area's pond dotted highlands. read all

Mount Asahidake

Mount Asahidake in Daisetsuzan National Park is Hokkaido's highest mountain and the first spot in Japan to see autumn colors (and snow). read all