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Autumn Color Report 2015
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2015/09/28 - Oze Report
by raina

Continuing with our autumn color reports, I headed to Oze National Park to check out the grass in the marshland, kusamomiji. Only 150 kilometers north from Tokyo, it is possible to visit Oze in a daytrip but it requires an early start and a lot of traveling. Staying overnight at a mountain hut or at the campsite is an option for those who prefer to explore the national park at a more leisurely pace.

I arrived at Tokura early to catch the shuttle service to the Hatomachitoge trailhead as the road between the bus terminal and the trailhead is closed off to all private vehicles and will stay in effect until October 12. The shuttle service costs 930 yen one way and depending on the number of people, either a bus or a mini taxi-van would be used. It was the same going back down, and I bought my ticket at the counter near where I was dropped off.

The weather today was excellent with blue skies and a gentle cool breeze, and I couldn't ask for anything more. The kusamomiji colors in Ozegahara Marshland are developing well and I expect them to turn more golden over the coming days. However, the trees in the forest from the Hatomachitoge trailhead to the entrance of the marshland still need more time for the leaves to gain more color, as there was more green than yellow and red combined in the forest.

At the entrance of the Hatomachitoge trailhead
One of the many small ponds, yellow-golden kusamomiji grass
There was a very refreshing, sawayaka, feel to the area the whole time I was there
At the crossroads which lead further into the park
Grass, leaves and a bit of the trail
If there wasn't any wind, I bet you could hear whispers from far away
Mount Shibutsu in the back
Everything the light touches is ours
One day this will all be yours
A touch of color on the trees in the marshland
Fireworks looking flower in the forest
Fallen leaves
A splash of red amongst the green
Mottled leaves intrigue me as much as they creep me out
Crossing one of the numerous small streams
Some sort of berry, I'm guessing
Bear bell to ward off potential bears
Could that be a bear print?
Colors of autumn
Public toilets, the campsite and mountain huts can be found near the entrance into the marshland
Purple flower that grows amongst the kusamomiji
Greeting other fellow hikers is a common gesture here and kinda fun until you hit a school group
Hikers on their way in and out of the park
Having an ice cream while waiting for the bus back down

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