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Season Status
Urban colors approaching peak
Cities like Kyoto and Tokyo are approaching peak color.
Kyoto expected peak:
Late November
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Mount Fuji: Past Peak

Today I returned to the Fuji Five Lakes region and found that overall the trees had advanced past peak in most areas. The narrow exception was on the northern side of Lake Kawaguchiko where the maples were still looking fairly full and colorful. Even here, however, I predict conditions won’t stay peak for more than another week at most.

Tokyo: Starting to Change

As we head into the middle of November, the lower half of Japan is starting to develop its fall foliage. If you’re looking for fall colors at their best this week though, I would recommend visiting the Fuji Five Lakes...

Sakurayama: Peak Colors

Sakurayama Park, a popular destination for viewing autumn colors and winter blooming cherry blossoms together, is currently at peak.

Nagatoro: Approaching Peak

I found during my visit to Nagatoro that the colors were generally approaching peak, but that there is still a little ways to go before this area reaches its typically spectacular autumn best...

Kyoto: Starting to Change

As we enter the second week of November, the autumn colors are moving slowly but surely towards the major cities. I visited Kyoto today, about a week after Sam’s last visit to the old capital.I am pleased to report...

Tokyo: Starting to Change

Today I headed to some of the popular Tokyo spots for autumn colors and see how the situation has changed within the last days. I found that colors were generally starting to change and I expect them to be at peak color within the next few weeks...

Mount Fuji: Peak Colors

We are now just over a week into November, and the autumn colors are also starting to move towards the cities in the Kanto Region as well as in western Japan. Starting this week, the japan-guide team will be ramping...

Hakone: Approaching Peak

As November gets underway, the autumn colors in southern Tohoku and the lower elevations of central Japan are also starting to come into their own. This week, Joe reported that Naruoko Gorge west of Sendai is at peak...

Yamadera: Peak Colors

While the autumn color season is just getting started in warmer areas like Kyoto, the lower elevations of northerly Tohoku Region are at their peak color this week.After exploring the gorgeous autumn color...

Naruko Gorge: Peak Colors

This year’s autumn color season is now into its second half as western Japan is beginning to see its trees changing color. Kyoto, one of Japan’s best autumn color spots, is also just starting to change, as Sam...

Kyoto: Starting to Change

Today I was in Kyoto following Andrew’s report from the city about two weeks ago. Andrew reported that the foliage was predominantly still green on his visit, but today I saw that things in the ancient capital were beginning to change...

Tokyo: Still Green

As we approach the month of November, the autumn color season is slowly but surely making its way into the cities. Our last report was from the Fuji Five Lakes region two days ago where Lori reported that the colors...

Mount Fuji: Approaching Peak

We’ve now reached the middle of the season for autumn colors in Japan, and last Friday Raina reported that Nikko was at peak colors. However it’s likely that colors in Tokyo and Kyoto won’t be at their best until...

Nikko: Peak Colors

It has been ten days since our last report from Nikko and today, I visited the spots we went to the last time to see how the autumn color season has progressed since then. I am pleased to report that while the trees...

Osorezan: Peak Colors

Osorezan, lit. Fear Mountain, is one of Japan’s most spiritual spots. Located on the remote Shimokita Peninsula in Aomori Prefecture, this volcanic mountain is as close as you can get to the afterlife...

Koyasan: Starting to Change

All in all I found Koyasan’s colors to be premature with the area generally not having reached its peak yet...

Kyoto: Still Green

The autumn colors here in Japan continue to spread to lower latitudes and elevations as temperatures cool and the season progresses. Last Thursday Sam confirmed that Urabandai was at peak colors, and the day after...

Towada: Approaching Peak

Towada straddles Akita and Aomori prefectures and is renowned for its autumn colors that typically come into their own around late October...

Bandai: Peak Colors

Furthering the year’s reporting, today I explored Ura Bandai in central Fukushima Prefecture...

Nikko: Peak Colors

Six days after our first report from Nikko, I revisited the popular autumn color destination north of Tokyo today to check on the progress of the season. The weather has become noticeably cooler over the past few...

Hakkoda: Peak Colors

Moving back to the Tohoku Region since our last autumn color report in Oze, I went to Mount Hakkoda in Aomori Prefecture to kick off the work week. Overall I found the autumn colors here to be nearing the end of their...

Oze: Peak Colors

It is that time of the year once more when the autumn color chase has begun. This year, we started the season in Hokkaido in late September when the colors were already at their best. From there, we continued at...

Nikko: Approaching Peak

With a considerable altitude differential of around 2000 meters, the autumn color season in these parts lasts on average for around a month as the colors run down from the mountains, providing a long period in which for visitors to enjoy the scenery here...

Nasu: Peak Colors

The autumn color season is now in full swing in many of Japan’s mountains in the northern half of the country. High elevations in places like Hokkaido, Nagano Prefecture and parts of the northern Tohoku Region are...

Asahidake: Peak Colors

Two weeks ago I reported that the fall colors in Hokkaido were at their peak on Mount Asahidake and Mount Kurobe in Daisetsuzan National Park. Since then, last week Sam aptly reported that the fall colors were looking...

Norikura: Peak Colors

The autumn color season is just getting warmed up as temperatures slowly begin to drop around Japan. As the fall color

Alpine Route: Peak Colors

The autumn color season has once again arrived on the Japanese mainland, with the first few of the island’s highest and most northerly areas beginning to see color as the ‘front’ sweeps down the country from north to...

Daisetsuzan: Peak Colors

Yesterday was the first report of many for the 2018 autumn colors reporting season. Usually each year the leaves first start to change in the higher elevations of the northern island Hokkaido and...

Daisetsuzan: Peak Colors

After a particularly hot summer, this report marks the start of the 11th annual autumn color reporting season at For the next three months our staff will be reporting on the conditions of the fall...

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