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Autumn Color Report 2011
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2011/12/01 - Nara Report
by schauwecker

Todaiji from behind one of the scattered maple trees around the temple

The great ancient temples of Nara, such as Todaiji, Kofukuji and Yakushiji, are characterized by gravel courts and giant temple halls rather than lush vegetation and gardens as seen in the temples built in Kyoto in later centuries. Consequently, they do not make outstanding autumn color spots. Nevertheless, Nara does have some colors to offer. And they were peaking today.

Among the best places to see the seasonal colors in Nara are Yoshikien and Isuien, two Japanese gardens that are located adjacent to each other, a five minute walk aside the main approach to Todaiji. Both were at the peak of their autumnal beauty today.

Abundant maple trees at Yoshikien Garden
Abundant maple trees at Yoshikien Garden
Camellia flowers and maple leaves
Yoshikien Garden
Isuien Garden
Azalea bushes (tsutsuji) provided some of the most brilliant red colors at Isuien Garden
Isuien Garden
Isuien Garden

Nara Park also surprised me with a considerable amount of colors around the lawns and two small streams near Todaiji. Maple and ginkgo trees were the primary providers of the colors today, and they were at the peak of their beauty, as well. The autumn colors in Nara should remain enjoyable for several days to come.

Brilliant ginkgo trees at Nara Park
Ginkgo and maple tree branches over a roof
Long rows of maple trees line two small streams near Todaiji
Nara Deer

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