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Miyajima: Peak Colors

Today I paid a visit to the sacred island of Miyajima near Hiroshima to check on the state of the local autumn colors. The season seems to have been proceeding at a relatively average pace this year, and I found the autumn colors on the island to be at their peak. I expect the colors to remain nice for another week or so.

Note, however, that since June, the island's most famous sight, Itsukushima Shrine's large torii gate, has been undergoing renovations and is currently covered up by scaffolding. There is still no word on when the works will be finished, but they are expected to take at least one year in total.

Itsukushima Shrine's torii gate is currently covered up for renovations
The scaffolding is slightly transparent
Itsukushima Shrine

I found the nicest concentrations of colors around Daishoin Temple and in the Momijidani Park which is located between the shrine and the lower station of the Miyajima Ropeway.

Around town
Tahoto Pagoda
View from Daishoin Temple towards the town center
Daishoin Temple
A Kannon statue at Daishoin Temple
Small donated Buddha figurines
One of many cute Jizo statues around the temple grounds
Vibrant ginkgo and maple trees at the entrance to Daishoin Temple
Ginkgo leaves
To the Momijidani Park
Momijidani Park
Vibrant maple tree
Momijidani means "Maple Valley"
The most intense colors today