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Kurobe Gorge: Starting to Change

Unazuki Onsen at the entrance of the Kurobe Gorge

Today I visited the Kurobe Gorge in Toyama Prefecture by taking the unique Kurobe Gorge Railway from Unazuki Onsen to its terminal station, Keyakidaira. In the average year, the autumn colors in the gorge are best between late October and mid November. However, this year they seem to be over a week behind their average pace, so I wasn't surprised to find the season at a rather early state today.

Around Unazuki Onsen at the entrance to the gorge, the trees have only just started to change their colors. The seasonal hues then intensified somewhat along the exciting 80 minute train journey upriver but remained subdued around Keyakidaira, the last station along the railway, at around 600 meters above sea level. I expect the fall colors to intensify over the coming days and the viewing season to continue through mid November.

The seasonal colors have started to appear
Waiting to board the train at Unazuki Station
Castle-shaped hydroelectric power plant
The railway was originally built to construct and mainain power plants
Today it also transports tourists
Another hydroelectric power plant
Slightly more progressed colors around Kanetsuri Station
Approaching the Keyakidaira terminus
Entering one of many tunnels along the way
Even around Keyakidaira the colors were still at an early state
Okugane Bridge at Keyakidaira
Keyakidaira Station