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Autumn Color Report 2011
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2011/11/23 - Kanazawa Report
by schauwecker

After nearly a week of reporting in the Kansai Region, I am returning home today to take a short break from the autumn colors. Along the way, I made a quick stop in Kanazawa for our first ever koyo report from Kenrokuen, the city's celebrated landscape garden.

Some of the nicest colors were located right around the entrance gate
Kotojitoro Lantern, the symbol of Kenrokuen and the entire prefecture of Ishikawa
A centuries old pine tree is set up with ropes to protect its branches from heavy snow

Kenrokuen does not offer overwhelming amounts of colors, but rather pretty clusters of maple and other colorful trees here and there. Only in the garden's eastern corner around the Yamazakiyama Hill did I find a larger concentration of fall foliage.

Some trees around the Yamazakiyama Hill have already dropped their leaves, creating a colorful carpet
Most of the maple trees on the Yamazakiyama Hill, however, will further improve their colors from now
Yamazakiyama Hill
Photographers on Yamazakiyama Hill

While some of the trees have reached the peak of their seasonal beauty, many others were still improving their colors and should justify a koyo visit to Kenrokuen for at least another week if not two. The garden and neighboring Kanazawa Castle Park are offering evening illuminations on November 26 and 27 from 17:30 to 21:00. Admission will be free.

Many of Kenrokuen's numerous cherry trees have already lost their leaves
But some cherry cherry trees, like this one, still contributed to the autumn colors
Moss carpet
Evolving colors around the Hisagoike Pond

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