Amakashi Hill (Ê~u, Amakashi no Oka) lies in the middle of the Asuka region and is one of the best places to view the surroundings. Most prominent are the three Yamato mountains, which are praised in the famous Manyoshu collection of poetry. From the hill's peak, Mount Unebi is to the west, just behind Kashihara Shrine, Mount Miminashi is to the north and Mount Amanokagu is to the east. Many of Asuka's other attractions can also be recognized from the 150 meter lookout point.

In addition to its view, the hill also has an interesting history of its own. It is believed that the residence of Soga Emishi and his son Soga Iruka was located on the hill. The Soga clan were the dominant political power during most of the Asuka Period (528-710). When Soga Iruka was assassinated in 645, the clan's political domination came to an end and the Japanese political landscape changed dramatically. The former site of the imperial palace, where the assassination took place, is also visible from the hill. It is now covered by rice fields.

Getting there and around

Amakashi Hill is located beside the Asuka Daibutsu bus stop, which can be reached on the Kame Loop Bus from Kashiharajingu-mae Station (22 minutes, 260 yen, one bus per hour). The hill can also be reached by rental bicycle in about 15 minutes from Kashiharajingu-mae Station.

How to get to and around Asuka