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Ise City (ɐ) is located on the Shima Peninsula in Mie Prefecture. The city is home to the Ise Shrines (Ise Jingu), Japan's most sacred Shinto shrines. The Ise Shrines consist of two major shrines that stand several kilometers apart from each other, the Inner Shrine (Naiku) and the Outer Shrine (Geku), and over a hundred smaller shrines spread across the region.

Inner Shrine (Naiku)

The Inner Shrine (Naiku) is dedicated to Shinto's most important god, the Sun Goddess Amaterasu. As such, it is considered Japan's most sacred shrine. It fascinates through its simplicity, featuring little more than gravel-covered walkways and wooden, barely painted shrine structures, surrounded by a serene forest.

Outer Shrine (Geku)

The Outer Shrine (Geku) is dedicated to the goddess of food, clothing and housing, Toyouke. On the grounds stands the interesting Sengukan Museum which displays a 1:1 scale model of a quarter of the Inner Shrine's main building.


Oharaimachi is the traditional approach to the Inner Shrine. Catering to a constant stream of pilgrims, the road is lined by many traditional style buildings that house shops and restaurants. Halfway down the road is Okage Yokocho, a small district which recreates a townscape of past centuries.


Iseshi and Ujiyamada Stations are the main points of entry into Ise City. The Outer Shrine is located within walking distance of the two stations, while the Inner Shrine stands several kilometers further south. Buses connect the stations with the two shrines and the other sights in the area.

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Page last updated: April 2, 2016