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Hinjitsukan (o) is a former guesthouse built in 1887, not far from the Meoto Iwa in Futami along the coast of Ise City. Originally constructed to host important guests who were visiting the Ise Shrines, the two-story guesthouse is now a museum displaying architectural and interior designs from the Meiji Period.

The construction of Hinjitsukan took only three months to complete, and its first guests were the members of the Imperial family. The building is primarily made of wood and underwent several major renovations over the decades. Many of the rooms in Hinjitsukan display ornate decorations and feature classical designs from the then leading architects, befitting its status as a guesthouse for royalty and important people. Renowned gardeners were also contracted to create the meticulously landscaped garden with gravel paths that surrounds the building.

Looking at part of the building from the garden

While most of the building's rooms are designed in a traditional Japanese style, some contain Western-style furniture that make for an interesting juxtaposition. One of the more impressive rooms is the Grand Hall, a 120 tatami mat banquet hall, on the second floor. Its ceiling is constructed in an elaborate Momoyama-style with intricate designs and gold leaf gilding, as well as chandeliers. Another room of note on the second floor is the Goten no Ma, the room reserved for the highest-ranked guests. It offers views over the garden and the sea.

A number of rooms on the first floor display items detailing the history of the town of Futami, as well as the works of Nakamura Sashu (1873-1953), a renowned, local painter. An English pamphlet is available, but the displays do not have English explanations.

Grand Hall


Hinjitsukan is a five minute walk from Meoto Iwa or a 15 minute walk from JR Futaminoura Station which can be reached by hourly JR trains in less than 10 minutes from Iseshi Station (210 yen one way). Alternatively, you can access Hinjitsukan by CAN bus (get off at Meoto Iwa Higashiguchi Futami Sea Paradise-mae).

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Hours & Fees


9:00 to 17:00 (entry until 16:30)


Tuesdays (or following day if Tuesday is a national holiday)


300 yen

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Page last updated: March 30, 2016