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The Shima Peninsula (u, Shima Hantō) is home to Japan's most sacred Shinto shrines, the Ise Shrines, and is a popular leisure resort area among the urban population of Nagoya and Osaka. Attractions besides the Ise Shrines include several theme parks and pearl cultivation along the peninsula's rugged coast.

The peninsula has been designated as Ise-Shima National Park for its natural beauty and cultural importance. It is located in southern Mie Prefecture and consists of the cities of Ise, Toba and Shima and the town of Minami-Ise. The area is also popularly referred to as Ise Shima.

Top attractions in Ise Shima



Traditional approach to the Inner Shrine.
3.7 / 5
Historic Site


Former guesthouse used by high-ranked pilgrims.

Meoto Iwa

Two sacred rocks standing in the ocean.
3.3 / 5

Toba Aquarium

Large aquarium in central Toba.
3.2 / 5

Ago Bay

Island dotted bay, famous for pearl cultivation.
3.2 / 5
Amusement Park

Spain Mura

Amusement park with a Spanish theme.
2.7 / 5

Access and Orientation

Hotels around Ise Shima

Tours and Experiences

Page last updated: April 2, 2016