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Oharaimachi (おはらい町) is the traditional approach to the Inner Shrine of Ise. Nearly one kilometer long, it is lined by many traditional style buildings, housing shops and restaurants. Some of the businesses found here have been serving pilgrims and tourists for several centuries.

Among the regional specialties available along Oharaimachi are akafuku ("red happiness"), a Japanese sweet made of mochi rice paste and red bean paste, and Ise Udon, thick udon noodles in a thicker than usual sauce.

Located about halfway down Oharaimachi is Okage Yokocho, a small district which recreates a townscape of past centuries (Edo Period to early Meiji Period). Completed in 1993, Okage Yokocho features various shops and restaurants.


Oharaimachi is located just next to the Inner Ise Shrine, several kilometers outside of the city center.

How to get to and around the Shima Peninsula

Hours & Fees

Shops in Oharaimachi and Okage Yokocho have individual business hours, but are typically open daily from 9:30 to 18:00 (to 17:00 from October through March).

Hotels around Ise Shima

Tours and Travel Services

Page last updated: April 2, 2016