How to get to Matsushima

Matsushima is located just outside Sendai and is most easily accessed from there. Read first on how to get to Sendai.

From JR Sendai Station take the JR Senseki Line to Matsushima Kaigan Station. The one way trip takes 40 minutes and costs 420 yen. Note that Matsushima Kaigan Station on the JR Senseki Line is more conveniently located than Matsushima Station on the JR Tohoku Line.

One popular way to visit the region is by sightseeing cuises which travel Matsushima Bay between Matsushima and Shiogama. From Sendai, take the JR Senseki Line to Hon-Shiogama Station (20-30 minutes, 330 yen), take a boat across Matsushima Bay to Matsushima, sightsee in Matsushima, and then return to Sendai by the Senseki Line. It is also possible to do this route in the reverse order, visiting Matsushima before Shiogama.

Above fees and schedules are subject to change. For the current yen exchange rate, click here.

Getting around

All of Matsushima's attraction and the boat pier are within walking distance of each other and Matsushima-Kaigan Station on the JR Senseki Line.