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How to travel between Matsumoto and Tokyo

By JR limited express train

JR "Azusa" and "Super Azusa" limited express trains require just over 2.5 hours for the journey between Tokyo's Shinjuku Station and Matsumoto. The one way fare is 6380 yen for non-reserved seats and about 6900 yen for reserved seats. There are one to two trains per hour.

By JR local trains

By local trains, the one way journey between Tokyo (Shinjuku Station) and Matsumoto along the JR Chuo Line takes about five hours, typically requires about three transfers of trains and costs 4000 yen. With a Seishun 18 Kippu you could do the trip for as little as 2370 yen.

By highway bus

Highway buses operate hourly between Tokyo (Shinjuku Bus Terminal) and Matsumoto (Matsumoto Bus Terminal near Matsumoto Station). The one way trip takes just over three hours and costs 3500 yen. A round trip ticket is available for 6100 yen and has to be used within seven days of the outward journey.

Above fees and schedules are subject to change. For the current Yen exchange rate, click here.


Central Matsumoto can be explored on foot. The castle is about a 15 minute walk from Matsumoto Station. Alternatively, bicycles can be rented for free from multiple locations across the city, including the M Wing Building near the station, the Matsumoto City Museum next to the castle and selected shops and hotels.

The Town Sneakers are four tourist oriented loop bus lines, which cost 200 yen per ride or 500 yen per day (the one day pass also includes a 10% discount on admission to Matsumoto Castle). Buses on each of the loop lines operate approximately every 30 minutes. Besides the "Town Sneaker" buses, there also exists a regular network of city buses.

Page last updated: October 19, 2016