Mount Kasayama (}R) is a 112 meter tall mountain on a peninsula about six kilometers north of Hagi's city center. At its summit is a small crater that measures just 30 meters in diameter and depth, which visitors can descend into via a flight of stairs or circle around via a short path. There is also an observation deck which affords good views over the Sea of Japan.

At the foot of Mount Kasayama lies Myojinike Pond, which offers the setting for a nice stroll. In the woods near the pond are the Kaza-ana Holes, openings in the rocky forest floor, from which cool air constantly blows. The phenomenon is the result of the evaporation of rain and sea water which had penetrated the rocky surface, thereby lowering the temperature of the surrounding air. This natural air conditioner is especially popular during the hot summers, and meals and drinks are served around the holes.

Getting there and around

Mount Kasayama is located about six kilometers north of Hagi's city center.

There is roughly one bus per hour from Hagi Bus Center to the Koshigahama (zl) bus stop which is just a few steps away from Myojinike Pond. Buses are bound for Horikoshi (xz) or Nagoeki-mae (ތÉwO). The one way ride from the bus center takes 15 minutes and costs 310 yen. Walking from the pond up to Kasayama's summit takes about 30 minutes.

Alternatively, Myojinike Pond can be reached in a 30 minute walk from the closest train station, JR Koshigahama Station (5 minutes, 150 yen from Higashi-Hagi Station), however train service is very sporadic.

Myojinike Pond can be reached from the city center in about 15 minutes by car or in about 30-45 minutes by bicycle. A taxi ride from Higashi-Hagi Station will cost around 2000 yen. To the summit around 2500 yen.

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