The 2024 Earth Celebration is scheduled for August 16-18

The Earth Celebration is an annual music festival by the internationally acclaimed Kodo taiko group which is based on Sado Island. Each year the festival features different guest artists who perform in collaboration with Kodo. The three day event is held in mid to late August in and around Ogi Town. Thousands of people come from all over Japan and the world to enjoy the festival's many events.

The main event are three outdoor concerts held in the evenings of each festival day in the Harbour Market at Ogi Harbor. The Harbor Market also features dozens of small shops and food stands that are open from morning to evening. Some fringe events are held there, as well, during daytime.

Another aspect of the festival are various workshops, such as taiko drumming and traditional dance workshops. Most workshops require advance registration, have a participation fees and are held in Japanese. English instructions may not be available. Spaces tend to fill up quickly, and early application is recommended.

Getting there and around

From Ryotsu Port, Ogi Town can be reached in about one hour by car. Alternatively by bus, take the Main Line bound for Aikawa from Ryotsu to Sawata (40 minutes, 620 yen, 1-2 buses per hour) and transfer to the Ogi Line for Ogi (60 minutes, 840 yen, about one bus per hour). There are additional buses during the Earth Festival.

Alternatively, it is possible to access Ogi directly via the car ferry from Naoetsu.

How to get to and around Sado Island

Hours and Fees

Tickets for the concerts can be purchased online on the official Kodo website.