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Senkaku Bay is a scenic bay on the northwestern coast of Sado Island. The area is a Quasi National Park, and its steep rocky cliffs and beautiful scenery are said to resemble Hardanger Bay in Norway.

Tourists can view the bay from observation view points in Senkaku Bay Ageshima Park and from sightseeing boat cruises. Cruises by glass bottom boats depart from inside Senkaku Bay Ageshima Park and last about 15 minutes.


Senkaku Bay can be reached in about an hour by car from Ryotsu Port via Sawata and Aikawa. Alternatively by bus, take the Main Line bound for Aikawa from Ryotsu to Aikawa (one hour, 820 yen, 1-2 buses per hour) and transfer to the Kaifu Line to Senkaku Bay (15 minutes, infrequent departures).

How to get to and around Sado Island

Hours & Fees

Senkaku Bay Ageshima Park


8:00 to 17:30 (cruises until 16:30; shorter hours in winter)


Cruises are not operated from December through mid March


550 yen (park only), 1100 yen (park and cruise)
Page last updated: February 24, 2015