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Mimurotoji (Oˎ) is a temple in the northern hills of Uji City, founded about 1200 years ago. It is also known as the "flower temple", as its wide temple grounds offer large gardens of some varieties of seasonal flowers. Visitors can view cherry blossoms here around early April, azalea around early May, hydrangea in June, lotuses around July and August, and autumn colors around late November.

The present main hall of Mimurotoji was built in the early 1800s and houses the temple's principle image of the thousand-armed Kannon Bodhisattva. In front of the main hall are statues of an ox and a rabbit. Touching the stone ball in the ox's mouth is believed to lead to victories in your endeavors. You can also make a wish and reach your hands into the stone sphere in front of the rabbit; it is said that your wish would be granted if the egg-shaped object in the sphere is standing.

Within the temple precincts are a beautiful, three tiered vermilion pagoda, an Amida Buddha hall, and a statue of Ugajin, a local deity with the head of an old man and the body of a snake. Patting on the statue of Ugajin is supposed to bring fortune and good luck.

Three tiered pagoda and autumn colors


Bus number 40 and 250 run hourly between JR Uji Station, Keihan Uji Station and Mimurotoji Temple. The one way ride to the temple costs 210 yen and takes 20 minutes from JR Uji Station or 210 yen and ten minutes from Keihan Uji Station. Alternatively, it takes about 15 minutes to walk there from Keihan Mimuroto Station or about 20 minutes from Keihan Uji Station or Uji Bridge.

How to get to and around Uji

Hours & Fees


8:30 to 16:30 (until 16:00 from November to March); admission ends 30 minutes before closing time


December 29 to 31


500 yen

Typical Visit Duration

30-45 minutes

Hotels around Uji

Page last updated: August 4, 2017