Sanuki Udon (讃岐うどん) are udon noodles from Kagawa Prefecture. They are named after the prefecture's former name, Sanuki. Along with Gunma's Mizusawa Udon and Akita's Inaniwa Udon, Sanuki Udon is listed as one of Japan's three most famous types of udon noodles. But much better known than Mizusawa and Inaniwa Udon, Sanuki Udon has become popular nationwide.

Sanuki Udon is characterized by its firm, chewy texture, achieved by using a specific type of wheat which was traditionally grown in Kagawa Prefecture. These days, the wheat to make Sanuki Udon is primarily imported from Australia.

The texture of Sanuki Udon's noodles is what makes them unique. They can be served as other udon noodles, for example, served cold with a dipping sauce or in a hot broth with toppings. Sanuki Udon is considered cheap, fast and healthy food with basic dishes costing only a few hundred yen.

Udon remains extremely popular in Kagawa Prefecture. With over 700 Sanuki Udon restaurants across the prefecture, a fair number can be found in the shopping and dining districts of Takamatsu.

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