The Shioyasaki Lighthouse (铔, Shioyasaki Tōdai) is a working lighhouse in Iwaki City. It was officially established in 1899, destroyed in an earthquake in 1939, rebuilt in 1940, damaged in the air raids five days before the end of WWII, rebuilt again by 1947 of concrete, damaged in the 2011 earthquake, and repaired and returned to service a few months later.

The lighthouse stands on a steep hill. From the parking lot and souvenir shops at the bottom of the hill, visitors have to climb stairs for about five minutes to reach the entrance. A museum is housed in the small building where you buy the admission tickets with Japanese-only exhibits about the history of the lighthouse. Past the museum up another set of stairs, the actual lighthouse stands 24 meters tall and can be climbed to the top for nice views of the coast.

Getting there and around

Shioyasaki Lighthouse is located halfway along the bus line that connects Iwaki Station with Izumi Station (and also passes through the Onahama area). From Iwaki Station, the ride takes 30 minutes and costs 610 yen one way, while from Izumi Station it takes 40 minutes and costs 710 yen. There is one bus every 1-2 hours. Get off at the Todai Iriguchi bus stop () at the base of the hill on which the lighthouse stands.

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