The following is a full-day model course for average-paced travelers that covers the major attractions in Kanazawa on foot over about seven kilometers.

Start at Kanazawa Station
Walk to Omicho Market
15 minutes
Omicho Market
Public market famous for fresh seafood 60 minutes
Omicho Market is the largest fresh food market in Kanazawa, specializing in local seafood and seasonal produce. Visitors can enjoy fresh seafood direct from the stores as well as at the numerous restaurants in the market.
Walk to Oyama Shrine
10 minutes
Oyama Shrine
Shrine dedicated to the former feudal lord 20 minutes
Oyama Shrine is known for its unusual gate which has a mix of European and Asian influences. There is a garden with ponds and bridges on the shrine grounds that make for a pleasant stroll.
Walk to Gyokuseninmaru Garden
5 minutes
Gyokuseninmaru Garden
Reconstructed garden at Kanazawa Castle 20 minutes
Part of Kanazawa Castle, the Gyokusenin Garden was relatively recently reconstructed based off archeological findings and historical records. The original garden was abandoned after the feudal system had been abolished.
Continue further into the castle grounds
5 minutes
Kanazawa Castle
Seat of one of Japan's most powerful feudal lords 60 minutes
Most buildings of Kanazawa Castle were after the end of the feudal age, and the only original major structures left is the Ishikawa-mon Gate which faces Kenrokuen Garden. Over recent years, however, many of the former buildings have been gradually reconstructed, including a long storehouse with turrets, and two gates.
Walk to Kenrokuen Garden
5 minutes
Kenrokuen Garden
One of Japan's three best landscape gardens 60-90 minutes
Take a leisurely stroll through Kenrokuen Garden, and enjoy the seasonal flora and view. One of the most famous sights at the garden is the two-legged Kotojitoro Lantern at the main pond.
Continue southeast to Seisonkaku Villa
5 minutes
Seisonkaku Villa
Beautiful villa next to Kenrokuen Garden 30 minutes
Standing adjacent to Kenrokuen Garden, the Seisonkaku Villa was built towards the end of the feudal period and is one of the most elegant remaining samurai villas in Japan. Visitors can appreciate the traditional elements of Japanese architecture here.
Walk towards the museums
5-10 minutes
Visit one or more of Kanazawa's outstanding museums 60 minutes
There are three outstanding museums in the vicinity of Kenrokuen Garden: the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, the Ishikawa Prefectural History Museum and the D.T. Suzuki Museum. All three offer visitors a very different experience.

Hotels around Kanazawa

Recommended Hotels
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Convenient hotel just in front of Kanazawa Station.
Agoda Booking
Dormy Inn Kanazawa
Good value business hotel with onsen next to Kanazawa Station.
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Kanazawa Excel Hotel Tokyu
Convenient hotel located in the center of Kanazawa.
Nikko Kanazawa Hotel
One of the best hotels in town, located just in front of Kanazawa Station.
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