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Komatsu Airport (`, Komatsu Kūkō) is a medium sized airport located in Komatsu City, halfway between Kanazawa and Fukui City. It is one of Japan's more important regional airports.

The airport is connected with frequent direct flights to Tokyo's Haneda Airport, as well as to Narita Airport, Sapporo, Sendai, Shizuoka, Fukuoka and Naha. Additionally there are regular international flights to Seoul, Shanghai and Taipei.

Not far from the airport stands the Airport and Aviation Plaza, an aviation museum displaying a variety of decommissioned airplanes, dozens of airplane models and other aviation related exhibits. Entrance to the museum is free of charge.


From Kanazawa

There are direct airport buses between Komatsu Airport and Kanazawa. The one way trip takes 40 minutes and costs 1130 yen.

From Kaga Onsen

Two to four airport buses operate every hour between the airport and Komatsu Station (15 minutes 270 yen), from where buses or trains can be taken south into the Kaga Onsen area. From Mokamtsu Station, Kaga Onsen Station can be reached in 15 minutes and for 240 yen one way by train, while buses connect to Awazu Onsen in 30 minutes and for 450 yen one way.

How to get to and around Kanazawa
How to get to and around Kaga Onsen

Hotels around Kanazawa

Recommended Hotels
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Convenient hotel just in front of Kanazawa Station.
Agoda Booking
Dormy Inn Kanazawa
Good value business hotel with onsen next to Kanazawa Station.
Agoda Booking
Kanazawa Excel Hotel Tokyu
Convenient hotel located in the center of Kanazawa.
Nikko Kanazawa Hotel
One of the best hotels in town, located just in front of Kanazawa Station.
Agoda Booking
Page last updated: March 6, 2017