The Enoshima Kamakura Free Pass by Odakyu Railways is a rail pass consisting of a round trip from Tokyo to Fujisawa by Odakyu Railways and unlimited use of the Enoden and Odakyu Railways in the Kamakura/Enoshima free area on one calendar day.

Enoshima Kamakura Free Pass
From Shinjuku (Tokyo)
1,520 yen
Reduced rates (50% off) apply for children aged 6-11.


  1. One round trip by Odakyu Railways to Fujisawa and back. Odakyu's main station in Tokyo is Shinjuku Station, but the free pass can also be bought and used from other Odakyu stations.
  2. A supplement fee has to be paid if you use a Romance Car train.
  3. Unlimited use of Enoden trains along the entire line (Fujisawa - Kamakura).
  4. Unlimited use of Odakyu Railways between Fujisawa and Enoshima.
  5. The ticket is valid on one calendar day.

Points of Sale

Odakyu railway stations, such as Shinjuku Station in central Tokyo.


This pass is the cheapest option for a one day trip from Tokyo (Shinjuku) to Kamakura by train. However, the trip to Kamakura is more time consuming than some alternatives, due to the slow but scenic ride on the Enoden train.