The following is a full-day model course for average-paced travelers that covers the major attractions in Kamakura on foot over about five kilometers. Parts of the route include a bit of hiking, and proper walking shoes are recommended, especially during or after wet weather.

Start at Kamakura Station
Take the Enoden train from Kamakura to Hase Station
5 minutes
Hase Station
Walk to Hasedera
5 minutes
Hasedera Temple
Attractive temple with views over Kamakura 45-60 minutes
Hasedera is a temple which is famous for its eleven-headed statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy. The temple is built along the slope of a wooded hill and offers nice views of the sea and Kamakura.
Walk to the Great Buddha of Kamakura
10 minutes
Great Buddha of Kamakura
Landmark of Kamakura 20 minutes
The Great Buddha of Kamakura (Kamakura Daibutsu) is a landmark of Kamakura. The bronze statue was cast in 1252 and stands 11.4 meters tall.
Take a walk on the Daibutsu Hiking Course to Zeniarai Benten Shrine
30 minutes
Zeniarai Benten Shrine
Shrine where visitors wash their money 20 minutes
Zeniarai Benten Shrine is a popular shrine where visitors go to wash their money. It is said that the money washed in the shrine's spring will double.
Continue along the Daibutsu Hiking Course
10 minutes
Genjiyama Park
Public park with a statue of a feudal lord 10 minutes
Genjiyama Park is a hilltop park that lies along the Daibutsu Hiking Course. There is a statue of feudal lord Minamoto Yorimoto who established the new military government in Kamakura in the late 12th century.
Walk to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine
30 minutes
Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine
Kamakura's most important Shinto shrine 60 minutes
Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine is one of the most important of several thousand shrines all over Japan that are dedicated to Hachiman, the patron god of the Minamoto family and of the samurai in general.
Walk to the Komachidori Street
5 minutes
Komachidori Street
Popular shopping street 30 minutes
Komachidori Street is a lively shopping street that runs between Kamakura Station and Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine.