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Date Masamune ordered the construction of Osaki Hachimangu (蔪{, Ōsaki Hachimangū) in 1607. The shrine's deity, Hachiman, is the Shinto god of war and considered to be a general guardian and protector of the city.

Osaki Hachimangu was recently restored and the shrine's renewed structure is a striking example of Date architecture and style. The main building, which consists of a main hall (honden) and offering hall (haiden) joined under a common roof, is uniquely covered in black lacquer, gold leaf and brilliant colors. Some omikuji (fortunes sold by the temple for protection and good luck) are black to reflect the shrine's distinctive coloring.


Osaki Hachimangu is most easily accessed from Sendai Station by a regular city bus in about 20 minutes and for 230 yen one way. There are frequent departures every 5-10 minutes by numerous bus lines. The shrine is also served by the Sendai Loople loop bus (bus stop #12) or can be accessed in a 15 minute walk from Kunimi Station on the JR Senzan Line (15 minutes, 200 yen from Sendai Station).

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Page last updated: July 31, 2016