Below is a list of Sendai's most popular spots for cherry blossom viewing (hanami), including the typical timing for best viewing in the average year and japan-guide.com ratings. See also our nationwide list of famous cherry blossom spots.

Central Sendai

Mikamine Park

Mid to late April
30 minute walk from Nagamachi Minami Station along the Nanboku Subway Line
Located south of central Sendai, Mikamine Park is a spacious public park with hundreds of large, beautiful cherry trees and wide lawns, offering plenty of space to hold cherry blossom viewing parties underneath its cherry trees.

Tsutsujigaoka Park

Mid to late April
Next to Tsutsujigaoka Station or a 20 minute walk east of Sendai Station
Tsutsujigaoka Park is a public park in central Sendai, just one stop east of Sendai Station. The park has a variety of Somei Yoshino and weeping cherry trees planted along its paved lanes, and lots of space for cherry blossom viewing parties can be found along the walkways and underneath the trees.

Nishi Park

Mid to late April
Short walk from Omachi Nishi-koen along the Tozai Subway Line
Dozens of cherry trees are planted around the park's southern lawn which makes for a good place to hold cherry blossom viewing parties. A cherry blossom festival is held every year in mid April featuring food stands and cherry blossom illuminations.

Near Sendai

Saigyo Modoshi no Matsu Park

Late April to early May
15-20 minute walk uphill from Matsushima Kaigan Station or a 5 minute taxi ride
Saigyo Modoshi no Matsu Park is a mountainside park in Matsushima which overlooks Matsushima Bay from behind Matsushima Kaigan Station. About 260 cherry trees are planted on the hillside and tend to open several days later than those around Sendai.

Shiogama Shrine

Mid April to early May
10 minute walk from Hon-Shiogama Station or 15 minute walk from Shiogama Station
30 minutes by train from Sendai, Shiogama is a port town that is known for having the highest density of sushi restaurants in Japan. The city's other main attraction, Shiogama Shrine, is famous for the nearly 300 cherry trees of around 30 different varieties that are planted around its grounds. Due to the many varieties present, the blooming season at Shiogama Shrine is prolonged and typically lasts from mid April to early May.

Shiroishi Riverside

Mid to late April
Between Funaoka and Ogawara stations
About 30 minutes south of Sendai by train, the Shiroishi Riverside is an eight kilometer long stretch of the Shiroishi River lined on both embankments by nearly 1200 cherry trees. The famous view of the area is the "Hitome Senbonzakura", a spot about halfway between Funagaoka and Ogawara stations from where on a clear day you can see 1000 cherry trees in combination with Mount Zao in the distance.

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