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Sendai from the AER Building's observation deck

Sendai has a compact downtown which is generally centered to the west of JR Sendai Station. An aerial view of the entire city is available for free from the observation deck of the AER Building next to the station.

The broad streets and abundance of greenery have resulted in Sendai's nickname, "the city of trees". Many parks and public spaces contribute to the greenery.

Ichibancho Shopping Arcade

Trees can even be found in the covered shopping area, Ichibancho Arcade. This covered mall connects several streets together in the downtown area to create the largest arcade in the Tohoku region. The shopping area includes several different arcade malls and covers a T-shaped area along Ichibancho and Chuo dori.

Shops along the arcades range from the budget 100 yen chains, to an Apple store with the full range of restaurants, clothing and souvenir stores in between.

Asaichi ("morning market") is another shopping option that offers visitors a look at local, seasonal fish and produce. A few stalls sell prepared foods such as onigiri, while flower vendors have seasonal plants and cut flowers. The market is located on a small street, only about 100 meters in length.

Fresh produce and flowers at Asaichi Morning Market


AER Building

The building is a two minute walk north of Sendai Station's west exit across the street from the entrance of the Hapina Nakakecho shopping arcade. The observation deck is located on the 31st floor.

Asaichi Market

From the west exit of Sendai Station, walk across the elevated walkway towards the E Beans building. The morning market is located along a street behind the E Beans building. The walk takes about five minutes.

Ichibancho Shopping Arcade

Just across from the AER building to the north of Sendai station, follow the covered shopping arcade (known as Hapina Nakakecho, Clis Road and Marble Road Omachi) for about 15 minutes until the covered street ends and you meet the perpendicularly running Ichibancho Shopping Arcade.

How to get to and around Sendai

Hours & Fees

AER Observation Deck


10:00 to 20:00



Asaichi Market


Early morning until produce runs out, usually open all day


Sundays and national holidays

Ichibanjo Shopping Arcade


Shops typically open between 10:00 and 11:00 and close between 19:00 and 21:00


Varies depending on the store but many are open year round

Hotels around Sendai

Recommended Hotels
Dormy Inn Sendai Annex
Business hotel a short walk from Sendai Station.
Agoda Booking
Hotel Metropolitan Sendai
Very convenient hotel located just adjacent to Sendai Station.
Agoda Booking
Page last updated: July 31, 2016