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How to travel between Matsuyama and Tokyo

By air

ANA and JAL operate several flights per day between Matsuyama and Tokyo's Haneda Airport. Flight duration is 90 minutes. The regular one way fare is around 39,000 yen, but discounts tickets are typically available for 11,000 to 27,000 yen. Furthermore, Jetstar Japan operates flights between Matsuyama and Narita Airport at fares that are typically around 5,000 yen.

From Matsuyama Airport, a bus takes passengers into Matsuyama City. The bus stops first at JR Matsuyama Station (310 yen, 15 minutes), then at Matsuyama-shi Station (410 yen, 20 minutes) and finally at Dogo Onsen (460 yen, 40 minutes).

By train

Take the JR Tokaido/Sanyo Shinkansen from Tokyo to Okayama (3.5 hours) and transfer to a JR Shiokaze limited express train for Matsuyama (2.5 hours). The entire one way trip takes around 6.5 hours and costs about 20,000 yen.

Because the Japan Rail Pass is not valid on Nozomi trains, pass holders have to use Hikari or Sakura trains between Tokyo and Okayama, which adds about 45-60 minutes to the travel time. Otherwise, the pass fully covers the trip.

By highway bus

Several overnight highway buses are operated daily between Tokyo and Matsuyama. The regular one way fare is 12,300 yen. This route is also served by discount buses companies that offer lower fares.

Above fees and schedules are subject to change. For the current yen exchange rate, click here.


Matsuyama has two main train stations: JR Matsuyama Station to the west of the city center and Matsuyama-shi Station (sometimes referred to in English as Matsuyama City Station), the main station of the local Iyotetsu Railways company in the south of downtown. Matsuyama Castle defines the city center, while Dogo Onsen is located on the northeastern outskirts of the city.

The most convenient way to travel around the city is by tram. Iyotetsu operates five tram lines across the city, connecting JR Matsuyama Station in the west, to Matsuyama-shi Station in the south and Dogo Onsen area to the northeast. A single tram ride costs 160 yen regardless of distance traveled. A one-day pass for unlimited use on one calendar day is available for 500 yen.

To use the tram, board through the rear door just like on local buses. Payment is made with exact change upon exit through the front door. There are change machines to break bills and 500 yen coins inside the trams next to the driver.

Tram in Matsuyama

Iyotetsu also operates an extensive bus network through Matsuyama. For most tourists, the trams provide adequate access to all sightseeing areas. Three buses however, may be of interest: the first operates between Dogo Onsen and Ishiteji Temple (5 minutes, 160 yen). Two other buses shuttle passengers to Matsuyama Airport and Matsuyama Port (see below).

Matsuyama Airport lies on the city's southwestern boundary. Airport buses serve JR Matsuyama Station (310 yen, 15 minutes), Matsuyama-shi Station (410 yen, 20 minutes) and Dogo Onsen (460 yen, 35 minutes). Besides domestic destinations, Matsuyama Airport also has a few international flights to nearby Asian destinations.

Matsuyama Port (Matsuyama Sightseeing Port) is located northwest of the city center. From Matsuyama-shi Station, take the Iyotetsu Takahama Line to Takahama Station (20 minutes, 410 yen), from where the port is a short bus ride (2 minutes, 100 yen) or a 10-15 minute walk. Alternatively, there are direct, hourly buses from JR Matsuyama Station to the port (20 minutes, 460 yen).

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Page last updated: October 19, 2016