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Kadowakizaki suspension bridge with the lighthouse in the background

The Jogasaki Coast (郖C, Jōgasaki Kaigan) is a beautiful section of coastline along the Izu Peninsula's eastern coast. It is located in the Izu Kogen area, about ten kilometers south of central Ito. An attractive hiking trail follows the coast for almost ten kilometers, offering beautiful views of the jagged cliffs and stone formations that hug the coast. It is also possible to walk shorter sections of the trail.

The most popular section of the hiking trail is located around the 23 meter long and 48 meter high Kadowakizaki Suspension Bridge. Not far from the bridge stands also a lighthouse with a freely accessible observation deck from where visitors can view the beautiful coastline and Oshima Island when visibility allows. A parking lot is located near the suspension bridge and at a couple of other points along the trail.


From Izu Kogen Station, take a bus bound for Kaiyo Koen (Cm) and get off at Izu Kaiyo Koen (ɓCm, 10 minutes, 250 yen one way, 1 bus/hour). Alternatively, the Jogasaki coast can be reached in about a 20-30 minute walk from Jogasaki Kaigan Station. Izu Kogen and Jogasaki Kaigan stations are located along the Izukyu Line, 20 minutes south of Ito and 50 minutes south of Atami.

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Page last updated: December 1, 2016