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Mount Omuro (大室山, Ōmuroyama) is an extinct volcano near the eastern coast of the Izu Peninsula, south of central Ito City. It is shaped like an inverted rice bowl and has a beautiful silhouette that can be seen from most places in the Izu Kogen area. Mount Omuro is about 580 meters high and has a crater with a diameter of about 300 meters which takes about 15 to 30 minutes to circle on foot.

Visitors must take a chair lift up the mountain in order to walk around the crater. The top of the mountain offers 360 degree panoramic views that include Mount Fuji and Oshima Island when visibility is good. More ambitious visitors can also try their hand at archery in the crater as well as paragilding down the side of the mountain. The Izu Cactus Park near the base of Mount Omuro is often combined with a visit to Mount Omuro.

Walking around the crater


Take a Shaboten Koen (シャボテン公園) bound bus from Ito Station (about 40 minutes, 710 yen one way, 2 buses/hour) or Izu Kogen Station (about 20 minutes, 360 yen one way, 2 buses/hour) and get off at the final stop. The chair lift to the top of Mount Omuro departs from just next to the bus stop.

Tokai Bus offers two different 1-day passes for Ito: one for 800 yen that covers Izu Kogen and the Jogasaki Coast, and one for 1300 yen that additionally includes central Ito. The trip to Mount Omuro from Izu Kogen Station is fully covered by both passes, but the trip from Ito Station is only covered by the more expensive one.

How to get to and around Ito
How to get to and around the Izu Peninsula

Hours & Fees

Omuro Chair Lift


9:00 to 17:15 (until 16:15 from October to mid March)


No closing days


500 yen (round trip)

Hotels around Izu Peninsula

Page last updated: December 1, 2016